– Academics –

Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (France)

Information Modeling and Retrieval research group (MRIM). A group specialized in multimedia information retrieval: modeling, experiments, evaluation.

The members of the MRIM group involved in the project are:

  • Dr. Philippe Mulhem, CNRS researcher, Scientific coordinator France, WP scientific leader
  • Dr. Lorraine Goeuriot, Associate Professor at IGA, WP scientific leader
  • Dr. Catherine Berrut, Professor at UGA
  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Chevallet, Associate Professor at UGA

Research Studio Data Science (Vienna, Austria)

The members of RSA group involved in the project are:

  • Dr. Florina Piroi, Scientific coordinator Austria, WP scientific leader

– Industry –

Qwant (France)

French web search engine.

The members of Qwant involved in the project are:

  • Dr. Christophe Servan, Chief Scientist, WP scientific leader
  • Alexandre Majed, Project Manager